On being a sexual assault survivor in Trump’s world

Looking at the innumerable survivors of sexual assault and harassment for whom Trump being the leader of the free world has taken a serious toll on their mental health and recovery.

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A Year of Reading Women

So one thing I don’t like is when people put together one of those book lists with a whack-load of books on it and you’ve heard of maybe like, three of them. But then it’s prefaced with some sort of challenge in the title, like “50 books you need to read before you die,” or […]

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What it means to be a man

Masculinity has been in crisis for years now. It’s hard to pin down exactly when it started, but you don’t have to look far in movies, books, video games, and of course online to see a trend of men trying to either recapture a lost ideal of masculinity or trying to redefine what it means […]

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On Suffering, Shame, and Salvation

The following post deals with issues of sexual assault, abuse, and rape. It also contains theological speculation that may be discomforting or upsetting to some readers.  A few years ago, I was in a religious studies class where the professor proclaimed to the class that “Passion of the Christ is a fine movie, but it doesn’t go far […]

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