It used to be easier

When I was a kid I had this fantasy that my life was secretly a great book or a movie everyone loves. I had this idea that I was really a fictional character living out what I thought was my own life but was really the plot of a world-renowned story. It was kind of […]

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What it means to be a man

Masculinity has been in crisis for years now. It’s hard to pin down exactly when it started, but you don’t have to look far in movies, books, video games, and of course online to see a trend of men trying to either recapture a lost ideal of masculinity or trying to redefine what it means […]

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The Solution to Video Game Movies Has Been Right In Front Of Us

Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter. Super Mario Bros. Doom. Warcraft. With more than two and a half decades of studios attempting to adapt popular video games into blockbuster movies, we’ve had grand total of 0 that are undeniably good. While a lot of these films, like Tomb Raider and the Resident Evil Series, have had middling to mediocre franchise success, […]

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